Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about the colors that I'd like to have at the wedding and what type of style we'd like to have. I think a lot of that will be determined once we pick the venue, but we need to figure out what style we'd like to determine which venues we look at. Here are a few pics of things I have been saving that I like:

I love the rustic style of this reception, but finding a venue with that style is the tricky part.
Image via Style Me Pretty

Love the color of these bridesmaids dresses but NO PINK! I refuse to have any spec of pink at my wedding. Pink is extremely girly and this is Mike's wedding too. :)
Image via Hello Lucky

Image via Wedding Bee

One of my favorite things to eat is cheese, cured meats and olives. I'd love to have a food station with that or even small plates of it on the tables. I love the setup of this table!
Image via Sunday Suppers

My mom and I are going to look at the first venue tonight. I'm not particularly crazy about where it is, but it looks gorgeous. I've got a few more set up next week as well. Once we have that nailed down, the rest will (hopefully) fall into place. :)

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