Thursday, April 29, 2010

tent reception?

Image via The Knot

We've just barely started looking at venues, but we're already feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the selection. One of the things we're considering is having the reception in a park under a tent. When I was little, this is what I always imagined for my wedding (probably because that's how my cousin's weddings were). I pictured my wedding to be like in the movies Father of the Bride and My Best Friend's Wedding.

Fortunately, the tent option is possible. You see, my grandparents started this little family rental business back in the 70's in Mesa. They started by running it out of their house and bartending at weddings (they also owned a liquor store back in Wisconsin before moving to Arizona). My dad started working there when he was 15 and still works there now! It is now a huge rental company in Phoenix, one of the largest actually. For my sixth birthday, we had a big tent put up in our backyard in Mesa. Talk about spoiled! My mom said planning and organizing my birthday parties was one of my favorite things to do, I'd set up the party hats and favors, put them away, and set them up again in a different arrangement. Anyways, so this whole even planning thing runs in our blood and is something that our family has been a part of for years.

This is an early picture of the family business my grandparents started. Yup, that's my dad next to the truck!

Other things we are considering is if there are hotels nearby for guests to walk to or get a cheap cab ride to after the reception and if there is plenty to do in the area where guests would be staying. I have quite a bit of out-of-town family that (we hope) are coming. Plus we have a lot of friends that will want to let loose and enjoy themselves at the reception, so it's safest to have an affordable hotel option nearby.

Here are a few other pics of tent options I like:

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Image via The Knot

Image via The Knot


  1. LOVE the tent idea. And that is SO cool that your family started that business. It's all coming full-circle isn't it?? I love the tent pic with the hanging lanterns. That would be GORG!

  2. Tent weddings rock. Good luck with your search!