Thursday, May 13, 2010

and the venue is...

Superstition Mountain Country Club in Gold Canyon, Arizona! Our wedding will be on Saturday, April 2nd (the only day they had available in April!).

We are beyond excited about this venue and couldn't find anything else that felt more right to us than this one. The country club sits on the base of the Superstition Mountains (we must have a thing for mountains) so every part of the wedding will have an amazing view. If you've never seen the Superstitions in the evening, they take on a beautiful red hue as the sun goes down...perfect for the reception.

The clubhouse was designed by a Spanish architect, so it has a very old world feel without being too over the top. The door shown below is a 16th century door from a castle in Spain that leads into the private dining room.
Image taken by me

The entryway has a colonial-era stone fountain from a villa in Mexico.

The ceremony will take place here:

Yup, thats my dad scouting it out. He gave it a big two thumbs up. :)
Image taken by me

And the reception will be here
(except ours will be much more full...200+ guests!)

One of the things I might be most excited about are the 'locker rooms' that we will be getting ready in. From what our venue coordinator told me, the men's is even larger than the women's and has a bar in it in addition to the fireplace and flat screens! The women's includes a large room with a patio, but we get champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. :)

For our out-of-town guests and for our guests who plan on getting a little crazy (some of you fall under both of those categories!), there is a golf resort just down the road that provides shuttle services to and from the wedding. This was very important to us as we want to make sure our guests are well taken care of. The resort is not a typical hotel, all of the rooms are on the first floor and are built onto Dinosaur Mountain. Some of the rooms are casita style with a private kitchen, hot tub and patio.

We can't wait for all of you to be a part of our special day!

All images via Superstition Mountain Country Club unless otherwise noted


  1. Ohhh...BEAUTIFUL choice, Jana! I used to live at the base of the Superstitions when Kyle and I went to ALA. I worked at Gold Canyon Golf Resort too! You and Mike are going to be treated like King and Queen!

  2. thanks ashley! the people at gold canyon resort were super nice. should be a fun weekend for all :)