Friday, May 7, 2010


Today I finished asking all of my bridesmaids to be in our wedding...except for the junior bridesmaid Leila, but she won't see this. :) Good news, they all said YES! I really wanted to do something special for each of them, so I decided to make little gifts for each of them with a framed picture of us and a card asking them to be my bridesmaid.

Let me tell you, choosing bridesmaids is no easy task! We have so many wonderful friends and family members that it made it very challenging deciding who would be in the bridal party. There are so many other people that we would love to have involved in the festivities, so we'll be asking more of you for help in the coming months (you know who you are!).

Here they are...

Matron of Honor: Brooke Jaehnig
Bridesmaids: Tana Whitlock, Lily Berrelleza, Andrea Gilliam, Liz Chapman, Allison Klatt, Sarah Keller
Junior Bridesmaid: Leila Simmons (if she says yes, I hope she does!) ;)
Flower Girl: Sophia Berrelleza
Ring Bearer: Preston Jaehnig
Groomsmen: TBD

This is Leila's picture frame, it'll go great in her pink, purple and green bedroom! She's such a sweetheart, I love her so much!

For Brooke's gift I chose a picture of us from her wedding. That was such a special time for us and we really bonded during the planning and the wedding.

Sorry Brooke, I have to tell people about when I asked you, it was just too sweet. I gave Brooke her gift bag and she was very confused what it was. For some reason I was so nervous to ask her, even though I knew what her answer would be. When she opened it and read the card, she could hardly believe it and started crying, so of course I started crying. Later that night she was still saying how it hasn't sunk in that she'll be my MOH! Reminded me of how I felt when Mike proposed! :)

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