Tuesday, May 11, 2010

colors update

Last night I opened up my Pantone swatchbook and started playing with colors. Everyone keeps asking me what my colors are and I'm not exactly sure what to tell them. I don't necessarily want to have two bright colors to stick to and thats it. Even with the above chart I think its still tricky to visualize what I'm thinking.

Champagne/Tan/Ivory: These would be the dominant colors. Our venue has so many other beautiful and natural elements that I want to keep it simple and elegant.

Turquoise: This is going to be the trickiest color to figure out. I don't want it to be a bright Tiffany blue, but not gray. Something like this would be perfect:
Here are more pics from this wedding. I love the colors and whatnot, but my mom and I have other ideas on more DIY projects for decor. For now, those will be kept a secret. :)

Flowers: I'm picturing the green being incorporated just through the greenery in the flowers. White/ivory flowers would be dominant with hints of yellow and peach/coral (not pink!).

We'll see how all of this develops as we go. Right now in my mind it works perfectly with the elegant Spanish style I'm going for, but it could completely fall apart. I remember when helping with my brother's wedding they wanted their main color to be a sage green, but when we went to look at bridesmaids dresses, she fell in love with a deep red dress. So, the color changed from green to red.

Disclaimer: I could completely change my mind on all of this

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  1. Keep posting that disclaimer until about a week before the wedding! Or maybe you'll be more decisive than I was. LOVE the venue!