Sunday, May 30, 2010

I said yes to the dress!

Today I bought my wedding dress, eeek! I really didn't plan on purchasing today, but I found the ONE, my whole family was there and loved it too and I got a great deal on it that I couldn't wait on. No pics will be posted of the dress because Mike doesn't want to see it until our wedding, but it is so amazing. I am in love with it and can't stop looking at the pictures of it. :) I did buy the sample so it is sitting in a closet at my parents' house...can't wait to go try it on again! Although the dress was a sample, it has no defects and doesn't even need to be cleaned. The lady at the store says she has only seen one other person try it on and that person was Tana. Speaking of, Tana also bought her dress today! Her appointment was at the same store right before mine. Again, can't post pics, but hers is absolutely gorgeous! It was a very special day.


  1. Congrats Jana! when is the wedding so i can see pics =)

  2. thanks erika! :) we are getting married April 2.