Friday, May 21, 2010

la cocina

Last night we met with the wedding coordinator at Mike's brother's wedding venue, Encanterra. I feel so lucky that Mike's parents and Tana want me to be included in the planning of their wedding and rehearsal dinner. Its something that I absolutely love to do (and hope to do as a career someday). We met with the coordinator in the 'La Cocina' room in the club house. It has a beautiful kitchen in it with a seating area, just like in a house (but way larger and super nice) and the doors on the side come off and allow outside access to a large grassy area and a firepit. It is absolutely perfect for a rehearsal dinner! My favorite part of the room are the floor tiles. I want them in my house. :) If they choose to have their rehearsal dinner at this venue, they will have a chef cooking all the food in the kitchen and they will get to help him cook. The coolest part is that they video tape it and it shows on the two tv's in the room and they can take home the dvd! There are a ton of other cool details that were discussed about the dinner as well. I'm so excited that we get to be a part of it!

Image via here (plus more info about the clubhouse at Encanterra)

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