Thursday, May 6, 2010

last name

A few of my family members and friends have already asked me how to say what will be my new last name. Just so everyone knows, it is pronounced "bear-e-a-zuh"...the e and a are long. This request is mostly coming from my family members in Minnesota (in specific my grandma). :) I am 100% German and my parents both come from the midwest (Minnesota and Wisconsin) so this new last name has been tricky for some of us to figure out. Apparently they've also had issues pronouncing 'Gallup' and 'Ahwatukee'. Its something we like to joke about with them. :)

We're not sure what Berrelleza actually means, but Mike tells me that the Spanish word 'belleza' means beauty and he thinks it is derived from that word. I love it! Especially since my last name now is so hard to pronounce and spell and it is not quite as beautiful and romantic sounding or looking.

I almost forgot to mention I WILL be taking on Mike's last name as soon as we are married, no hyphen. Think about it, can you imagine having to spell out 'Jaehnig-Berrelleza' to people? Yikes!

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