Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my ballroom carpet rant

I have a major issue with carpeting in ballrooms. Every time my parents and I would look at a venue with a ballroom, my mom would look at me and see me staring at the ugly carpeting. 95% of the time it is flat out ugly. Who thought it was a good idea to fill 5000 sq. feet with bright red orange and yellow carpet?! Everyone tried to assure me that most of it gets covered by the tables and dance floor, but they weren't fooling me. The only ballroom I saw that had decent carpet was at the W Hotel in Scottsdale...plain brown with a small pattern. Finally, someone gets it, but the ceremony location there just didn't fit us.

***One great venue I forgot to mention is the one that my future brother and sister-in-law are getting married at, Encanterra. If Mike's brother wasn't getting married there, we would have highly considered it. :) Seriously, check it out, beautiful!***

As long as I'm ranting about the carpeting I might as well bring up the fact that most ballrooms also don't have windows and feel like a closed-in box. Being in Arizona and having a wedding in April, I don't exactly want to be closed into a room all night when chances are it will be gorgeous outside. We even saw one ballroom that was so outdated it had wallpaper on the walls....yes, a 4600 sq. foot room full of wallpaper! Sigh...

After a week and a half of intense searching, I believe we have found our venue! We will not have ugly carpet, we will have cobblestones. We will not have ugly wallpaper, we will have vines growing on stone walls. And no windows necessary at this venue because it will all be outdoors (big risk but we're willing to take it). More to come later about the venue. :)

P.S. Is this post super bridezilla-ish of me??


  1. you dont like the carpet at encanterra?

  2. Ah! No I should have clarified...I was talking about a few venues in specific that we looked at...definitely not encanterra! Seems like the newer venues are starting to make better choices. :)