Monday, May 10, 2010

my mother's dress

Yesterday we were at my parent's house for Mother's Day and I decided to try on my mom's wedding dress from 1980. I actually really like it...considering it was the style at the time to have long sleeves, etc. The best part about the dress is that she made it herself! She told me about how she bought less than a yard of expensive lace ($40/yard, so pricey mother!), cut out pieces of it and arranged the lace on the chiffon layer. When I get married, I will be the same age my mom was, 25. The weird thing was the dress fit me perfectly!

Me in my mom's dress...Mike was a little freaked out by this. ;)

Apparently these little hat things were a popular way to wear the veil. I'm not a fan.

Just ignore the giant stain on the front of the dress.

Even though my mom will be heartbroken that I won't be wearing her dress (not!), it was still fun to try on. I'm hoping to incorporate something from her dress or lace as my something old.


  1. That dress is 30 years old--this summer!

  2. awesome. you should totally incorporate part of it somehow.

    my mom's dress is like a size 0 and i couldn't dream of fitting into it! it actually looks pretty similar to this :)

  3. our mothers had great taste angela :)

  4. Hi Jana - Do you need a flower girl dress? Old Mom's dresses make great flower girl dresses! :-)


  5. Love it! My mom's dress fit me perfectly too. So weird.

  6. Jana-the dress looks great on you as it did on Beck. Using a part of it on yours IS a great idea-can't wait to see what tou choose for a dress!