Monday, May 10, 2010

our garden's progress

And now its time for a non-wedding related post...

Last month my parents came over to help us plant a garden on the side of my house. Growing up we always had a garden and both my grandma's have always had (and still do have) a big garden. Mike was pretty impressed with me and my mom's gardening skills, he's never had a garden! I can't wait for things to be fully grown so I can start cooking with home-grown organic veggies. Right now growing in our garden is tomatoes, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, various lettuces, cilantro (not surviving though), parsley, basil, chives (drying up), peppers, beets, carrots and dill (pretty much dead though).

Here is a pic of the garden right after we planted it (a few days before earth we planted this on April 17):

This was a week later:

And this is today!

I promise there are beets growing among all the tiny weeds. Looks like we have a lot of weed picking to do. :(

We are even getting a few tomatoes in, they just need to ripen.


  1. we planted some cilantro and it's growing like a weed. i'll trade you...

  2. i'm so sad about our cilantro! the parsley is going crazy and i just don't use that as much as cilantro. i was looking forward to making salsa almost entirely from our garden.

  3. I always kill cilantro. Must run in the family. Your garden looks great!