Sunday, June 13, 2010

bridesmaid dresses

Today we went bridesmaid dress shopping and decided on the dresses! We had a little too much fun at the end of the appointment...doesn't my brother look fabulous in that teeny tiny blazer? :) Preston also enjoyed the appointment...sleeping in grandma's arms.

And no, thats not the dress we decided on for bridesmaids above...

This is still not the style of the dress the girls will be wearing, but it is the color. For the longest time I thought I wanted the champagne color dresses like in the top picture, but this brown/tan color just looks so gorgeous! Brooke will be in a different style of dress than the other girls, but thats all I'm sharing...for now. What a fun day!


  1. I love that color! I can't wait to see how your whole wedding is going to come together! You sure have great taste!!!

  2. Thanks Erin! Its all coming together well so far. :)