Tuesday, June 8, 2010

invitation etiquette

One of the most overwhelming things that I will be doing for the wedding is the invitations. Of course I will be doing them myself and I have done them for three weddings now (soon to be four), but that is why I am so nervous about them. I feel like there are very high expectations for them and everyone will be excited to see what I did for them (people have already told me this actually). I just don't want it to be a let down. I want to be proud to show them to everyone, including my design teacher from college. :)

Something else I am struggling with is etiquette for the registry information on the wedding invitation. Everyone says it is not acceptable to put the registry information on the actual invite, but what about on another informational piece included in the invite? See the below examples.

To me it makes sense to include this information on the directions or accommodations card. It helps people out and is logical. Sure, that information will be on the website that will be listed on one of the cards in the invitations, but what about my 86-year-old grandma that doesn't have a computer? Just trying to be sensible here. I won't be offended by this if all of you won't be offended. :)

Images via here and here.


  1. Totally acceptable nowadays to have that on a separate card or included with information about accommodations/directions/other miscellaneous stuff. We registered at Target for ours, and they actually gave us little cards to include with our invites.
    Katy DeDeyne

  2. Maybe I'm an etiquette snob, but I still think it's tacky to include cards. Somehow everyone finds out where people are registered. Could it be our aunties that talk, talk, talk all the time? :-)

  3. I see where you're coming from Laura, but the other side of the family is not accustomed to some of the things we think of as typical for a wedding, so they may need some 'direction'. Our view of a traditional wedding and Mike's side's view of a traditional wedding are actually quite different (I think that should be a future blog post!). We also will have to make it very clear that an RSVP is required. :)

  4. Yes, funny how some people don't understand the RSVP concept. We definitely had to make some phone calls. Andrew's family was also less wedding-etiquette savvy than ours and we ended up getting mostly non-registry gifts from his side. Lots of great unique goodies!