Wednesday, June 2, 2010


In addition to having a delicious rum cake at our wedding, we are also going to have other tasty desserts and candies. I am in love with macarons and hope to have them on the dessert table. They come in so many beautiful colors, the turquoise and champagne ones above are perfect. I'll admit that I've never tasted a true macaron, but they sound delicious! See the chart below.


Images via here and here.

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  1. Ok, fourth attempt to comment! Lets hope it works! Love the Macaron idea. Excellent choice. They are soooo delicious. We are actually planning on doing them too but haven't tried any places in the valley. Let us know who you're using! :) If you really want to pay the extra cash, Ladurée in Paris {the origin of the first double layered macaroon, actually ships them to you.} They are divine. mmmm.