Wednesday, June 30, 2010

we've got an artist in the house!

Ok, its time for a 'I'm going to brag about my fiance' session. In case you didn't know, Mike is an amazing artist. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. I'll have to get some of his first drawings from his mom and post them. It's amazing the talent he had even at age 3! He has his degree in art education and currently does commission portraits for friends and family. Here is what he is currently working on, this is being done in pencil. (Please forgive my poor photography skills, this was taken on my iPhone.)

I'm quite the lucky girl to be marrying such a talented guy. So, I want to be able to put him to work and do some artistic stuff for our wedding. This post could be news to him, but here are the things I hope he'll be able to help out with, if we decide to use these elements...some of these things are still up in the air.

I had found this idea for the cocktail hour a while ago, but when we were in San Diego a few weeks ago, we saw some great examples of how to use a chalkboard in an artistic way. The restaurant in our hotel was awesome, it was a French brasserie that had a few chalkboard walls with beautiful drawings and lettering on them. Not sure if we can fit 200 people's names on a chalkboard or if it will look too messy, but I love the idea of Mike doing some fun lettering like the one on the left. Image via Snippet & Ink

Then, today my friend Jill did a blog post about paint pens and this inspired me to figure out a way for Mike to use this instead of chalk! I'm sure it will be much easier to work with, but it leaves no room for error. Image via Mer Mag

Since our venue is at a clubhouse in a gated neighborhood and it is hard to know where to turn and where to go, I'd like to have signs leading people where to turn, where to park and welcoming them to the ceremony. I love how the white lettering looks on the wood. I think we can make it feel old world rather than rustic so it fits with our theme. I'll be consulting Mike to do the drawing and lettering on these signs. If we have a logo, maybe we'll incorporate it on the welcome sign. Image via Chelsea Elizabeth Photography

I am also dying to have calligraphy on our invites like this. We're not sure if it will fit in the budget right now, so I was thinking Mike could try his hand at it. We'll see how that goes...

Any other ideas on how I can use that talented guy of mine?

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