Saturday, July 10, 2010

family craft day

Today was so much fun! Nate, Brooke, Leila, PJ, my mom, my dad and my cousin Emily came over to my house for lunch at Joe's Farm Grill and then to try out some projects for the wedding. Lunch was delicious as always and the projects went well too!

Leila painted some numbers that we were testing out. She did such a great job at painting them! We applied a crackle paint on them, but it didn't crackle. So disappointing. Not sure if I like the numbers anymore or the blue color. Too much of a baby blue color possibly...

Then we tested out some glass painting. What a process! The large Ball jar in the back is the finish we decided on, but it still needs some tweaks to it. They will be used as hanging candle holders and the turquoise color should show through when they are lit.

Then, my mom surprised me with 20 of these! She was looking for votive candle holders in their garage and ran into these large glass containers. Oh the joys of having a dad in the rental business. He randomly brings things like this home! The ironic thing is my mom and I were searching the night before for glass candle holders this exact size and couldn't find any. We have a very cool idea for these, can't wait to try it out and see if it works!

After we tested a few of these projects out, I took Nate, Brooke and the kids to see the venue since they haven't been out there to see it yet. I was so excited to show it to them, but it was ridiculously hot and humid today. 113. I'm just glad we aren't getting married in July!

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