Monday, July 19, 2010

summer vacation

These pictures were taken last summer in my mom's hometown of New Ulm, Minnesota. Next week at this time I'll be back there visiting my grandparents and a few aunts with my mom and Leila.

This trip couldn't have come at a better time! Its only Monday and this week is already shaping up to be a rough one. A couple weeks ago a reporter from a local newspaper came over and interviewed us about our wedding and all the DIY projects we are currently doing and planning. I just heard back from her today and they decided not to run our story. So disappointing. Mike is also super busy this week with band practices and gigs. Sometimes he has weeks like that. I tend to get really lonely when he does because I work at home all day so if I don't see him in the afternoon/evening, I see no one throughout the day. Mix all that with some annoying banking stuff (why would someone steal a credit card number and charge $3 to it?!), my lack of motivation to workout and 115 degree temps.

But this trip will be fun! Mike isn't going this year, so I'll be missing him a ton, but it will be great to spend time with the girls. My Aunt Deb is teaching an art class next week that Leila will be going to (we'll probably go too...should be fun!). One of my favorite things to do while at Grandma's house was to do art and craft projects with her. One year we made jewelry and another year we went to the stamp store and made greeting cards.

New Ulm is an extremely small town, but I will never get sick of going there! It reminds me of summer time as a kid. Some of our favorite places to go were Schmidts meat market (best summer sausage ever), Flandrau park, climbing up Herman the German and eating at the Kaiserhoff restaurant. We still enjoy most of those, but now as adults its been fun going to Shell's brewery and tasting the beer. This has got to be my favorite small town! Leila would probably agree. This will be her third time to New Ulm and she keeps begging to go back! Apparently she already has her bag packed...American Girl doll and all. I can't believe how much Leila reminds me of myself. :)

The morning after we get back from Minnesota, Mike and I are leaving on a weekend road trip to LA with our friends Ryan and Andrea. We're going to a friend's wedding there and exploring downtown LA. Should be a blast!

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