Friday, August 13, 2010

my second favorite day of all time*

Tonight Mike and I are going to see the move Eat Pray Love. I bought the book a few years ago, but never finished it (not saying its a bad book, I just don't finish books...ever). Lately it seems like there have been a few movies out that take place in India (Slumdog Millionaire...loved it!). I absolutely love seeing these India-based movies because it reminds me of the trip I took there in college when I was 20.

The picture above is of me and my dear friend Viva in Ahmedabad, India at the Kite Festival. This was one of my favorite days during our month long trip. Ahmedabad is the town that Ghandi is from and where my professor and his wife have an apartment. This was during the last week of our trip and I had just gotten over my food poisoning that took me out for 3 days straight. The night before this day, we were at our professor's friend's house (where we are in the picture too) and the women threaded our eyebrows and gave us henna tattoos on our hands and feet. The next day (pictured) we went to our professor's apartment and his wife taught us how to make authentic Indian Chai tea. After that we drove through the city and saw all of the amazing kites being made and the brightly colored glass powder being applied to the string. It was such an amazing sight to see, the street was filled with bright colors and everyone was so excited for the festival. We then went back to our professor's friend's house and were up on the roof all day and night flying kites. They served us amazing food including, what we called, Chipotle bites (not sure what they actually were, but they tasted like a Chipotle burrito!). We ended the night with song and dance. Our hosts and hostesses performed a traditional Indian song and dance for us and then proceeded to ask us to do the same. We had no idea what to do since we don't have the same kind of traditional dances as they do. So, we plugged in an iPod and sang Friends in Low Places and danced to the Macarena, they loved it. :)

That trip was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. I am so grateful to Viva for convincing me to go and to my professor for teaching me so much on that trip. When we watch the movie tonight and Julia Roberts is in India, I am sure I will be reminiscing in my head about all the wonderful and amazing times we had in India. Being immersed in a completely different culture at such a young age made me appreciate other people in a completely different way.

P.S. We REALLY wanted to go to Italy for our honeymoon, but it would just be too stressful immediately after the wedding. We eventually will get there. I cannot wait!

*My first favorite day of all time is the day Mike proposed...and I have a feeling this day in India will soon become my third favorite day once we are married. :)

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