Monday, September 20, 2010

meet my bridesmaids

Right about now, I am so thankful to have all of my beautiful bridesmaids by my side. Things are starting to get a little crazy (sorry for the lack of blog posts). Not only are we almost six months away from our wedding, we are less than two months away from Steve and Tana's wedding and I am working on the largest issue of the year at work. It is a busy time, but I love everything that is happening. I am helping host Tana's bridal shower next weekend at my house and just started planning her bachelorette party weekend for October. We are also working on our save the dates that will be going out at the beginning of October and we just finished taking engagement pictures (I can't wait to share them!).

I wanted to take this time to introduce the gorgeous ladies that will be standing by my side on our wedding day and have already contributed so much.

Brooke - Matron of Honor
You have already heard so much about Brooke. She is my sister-in-law, MOH and one of my best friends. She is such a huge help during this whole process, we probably email back and forth 20 times a day...mostly about wedding stuff. I love that she is as passionate about this wedding as I am, I know I can always count on her. Brooke is an amazing person, I have never met anyone like her and we are so lucky to have her as a part of our family. She is so kind and open to everyone and truly cares about others and what is going on in their lives. That is something that I first noticed about her when my brother first introduced us. I have never had a sister before and I feel like I finally have one...people even think we are sisters, they can't believe we aren't related. :) Brooke is now a stay at home mom. She has a nine-year-old daughter Leila who is the most awesome little girl I've ever known and an almost one-year-old son who is the cutest and funniest little boy (and my Godson).

Tana - Bridesmaid
I've also mentioned quite a bit about Tana. She is is marrying Mike's brother Steve in early November and we have spent many hours planning our weddings together. People just love that our names rhyme and we are marrying brothers. Before we were engaged we were constantly emailing each other, wondering when those silly Berrelleza boys would propose! Right now we are in crunch time for Tana's wedding and I am doing what I can to help her out with it and make sure it is everything she dreams of. Tana is a high school teacher out in Queen Creek...I don't know how she deals with high school age kids! She is passionate about her fiance (who she has been with for seven years), her family, friends and the Kardashians. :) It has been so great getting to know Tana, I would definitely consider her a great friend and I am so excited to call her my sister soon!

Lily - Bridesmaid
Over the past few years while dating Mike, I have gotten to know his sister-in-law Lily and she is now one of my good friends. She is married to Mike's other brother, Chris and they have an adorable daughter, Sophia. Before Sophia was born Lily, Chris, Mike and I went on a trip to NY, we had so much fun! On that trip I really started to get to know Lily more and a few months later, Tana and I threw her a baby shower. I really enjoy the advice that Lily gives me, she is like an older sister to me. :) I feel so lucky to have three amazing sister-in-laws! Growing up I always wanted a sister and now i will have three! It is so great to be able to have some of your closest friends also be a part of your family. I look forward to many more memories with Lily and their family as we start our own family in the years to come.

Andrea - Bridesmaid
Mike has known Andrea for years. They went to the same grade school, middle school and high school. She married his best friend Ryan, and Mike was the best man in their wedding at Disneyworld. Andrea is passionate about horror movies, animals, cooking and wine. We agree on only two of those. :) (I have a huge fear of dogs and horror movies.) Andrea and her husband Ryan are so fun to spend time with. She is the life of the party and he is always friendly to everyone he meets. Mike and I are so lucky to have such great friends that live right down the road from me. Andrea is also a high school teacher, but she also reviews movies and works at an animal shelter. She has a huge heart for animals and loves her dog Noche and cat Remy. One of the things I love about Andrea is she tells it like it is and is honest about how she feels. That is exactly why I had her help me with deciding on dresses and the table cloths, chairs and chargers. She has already been such a tremendous help with planning and I know she will make sure everything is just right the day of.

Liz - Bridesmaid
I have known Liz since preschool. In fact, me, Liz and the next two bridesmaids all went to school together since preschool! Liz and I didn't really see each other much from third grade until college, so it amazes me that after all that time we reunited and are closer than ever now. She lives right down the road from me and has come over to help with wedding projects multiple times, I am so thankful for that! Liz is one of those friends that you could talk to about anything and for hours. She is always on your side and will do anything to support her friends. I am so blessed to have her as a friend!

Allison - Bridesmaid
I have so many memories with Allison. We went to grade school, high school and college together and we lived together in the dorms at ASU and in an apartment sophomore year. I can't even begin to tell all the stories we have together! Giant grapefruits, white asparagus, Tempe cockroaches, late night salads from work watching SATC episodes and cuddling in bed. Good times! We have been there for each other through every phase in life...and have 148 facebook friends in common to prove it. :) Allison now lives in Tucson and works as a nurse so between her hours at the hospital, the distance and me planning two weddings, we don't get to see each other a whole lot anymore and we tend to play phone tag quite a bit, but I know we will always be friends. I am so thrilled to have someone like her who has been with me through so much by my side on the most important day of my life.

Sarah - Bridesmaid
If you haven't met my friend Sarah yet, you need to. She is one of those people that you are proud to know and that you want to introduce to everyone because she is so awesome. Sarah is an incredibly talented musician and we are lucky enough to have her perform at our wedding. She's going to be famous some day, we just hope she doesn't forget us when she is. ;) I also have known Sarah since preschool and we share some great memories together....our talk show from third grade, JTT, our radio station, Sarah's bowl cut (sorry I had to!) and stars. Sarah is beautiful inside and out and brings a fun and lively energy to my group of friends. We are only 25, but I know we will be life-long friends!

Leila - Junior Bridesmaid
Brooke's daughter, Leila is my junior bridesmaid and she is the best junior bridesmaid I could ever ask for! When you ask her what her duties are as JB, she says 'to keep the bride happy!' Oh how I love her. :) Leila is amazing. She is so smart and talented, I can hardly believe she is only nine! We have so much fun hanging out and having girls nights watching wedding shows. She reminds me so much of myself at nine, it is crazy! Her favorite color is lime green, she loves her American Girl doll and is constantly drawing pictures of her wedding dress, cake and flowers. Last weekend I let her play with my paper color swatchbook and she has already picked out the colors for her wedding! Lately she has been telling me she wants to own a wedding dress shop when she grows up. She might just be hanging around me a tad too much. ;)

We also have a few other friends and family members that will be involved in the wedding in other ways:

Jenn - Personal Attendant
My friend Jenn is married to Mike's high school friend Nate and they have three kids, BryLee, Nash and Masen (not born yet in the picture above). Jenn is supermom - seriously. She makes it look easy to have kids and still be stylish and have a gorgeous home, I really don't know how she does it! I told her she needs to write a book for me or else I'll be texting her with questions all the time. ;) Jenn is a hairstylist and did my hair for our engagement pictures and will be doing my hair for the wedding. She is fabulous and I am so excited that she will be by my side on the wedding day to help me get ready.

Alex - Greeter/Guest Book Attendant
I know Alex from design school at ASU. Towards the end of the design program we ended up taking all of the same classes together and after graduation we took a Europe study abroad trip together. Alex is another one of those friends that you want everyone to meet because she is so awesome, but she pretty much already knows everyone. :) Alex is a riot to hang out with! We have had so many fun times together in class, happy hour and in Europe. She has really been there for me for quite a bit in the last few years, there's nothing a good happy hour with Alex can't cure! She is very outgoing, friendly to everyone and can convince just about anyone to do anything for her. In fact, when we were in Amsterdam she convinced some random guy to sell her the belt he was wearing so she could give it to her husband as a gift. He did and as he stood up his pants fell down, ha! (Sounds like a strange story, but it was actually quite hilarious!) Alex and her husband Patrick will be the greeters at our wedding and will be instructing people on where to go and what to do.

Preston - Ring Bearer
Mike and I love our nieces and nephew so much and we are so excited to have them involved in our wedding! Preston is my brother's son and my Godson. He turns one in November and isn't quite walking yet, but should be by April. We'll see how well he makes it down the aisle. :) Preston is adorable and such a happy baby. I love spending time with him and watching him grow up.

Sophia - Flower Girl
Sophia is Mike's brother's daughter. She is such a character and has so many fun facial expressions. She definitely has Mike's curly hair, but looks exactly like her dad. Mike and I love spending time with Sophia. Every time she sees Mike she knows who he is right away and runs off hoping he will play their chasing game. Sophia is just a few months older than Preston, so its been fun watching them grow up around the same time. Sophia's two favorite things are Dora and Grandma. :)


  1. Love this entry... and love you! I am so proud to be a part of this wedding!

  2. So much fun to read your blog Jana! Just read thru your registries and macy's announces "only 193 days!!" Get going girl!!
    Love, Aunt Sarah

  3. Love this post, you are so sweet, I too am so proud to be up there on your big day :) - Tana