Sunday, October 10, 2010

what we've been up to lately

Things have been a little crazy lately hence the lack of blogging. We hit the six month mark for our wedding and are less than a month out for Steve and Tana's wedding!

Let's start with what Mike has been up to. Basically he has gigs five nights a week and practice one night a week. He has also been doing a ton of illustrations for my work and also our wedding invitation artwork (included in the logo as well...see above).

While Mike is very busy with his music, I have been kept very busy with our wedding plans and also plans for his brother's wedding. Time has been flying by, I can hardly believe its already October!

So first, invitations for Steve and Tana's wedding went out a few weeks ago. They are so different from anything I have done so far! We came up with the idea to make it into a booklet and they wanted to include their engagement pictures. Mike's mom, Mary Lou, did an amazing job with the calligraphy and a few of Tana's friends and bridesmaids got together to help put the booklets together.

In September, we took our engagement pictures. It was so much fun and our photographers are so wonderful and made us feel so comfortable. We will be posting all of the engagement pictures here and on facebook this week, once everyone gets their save the dates in the mail.

At the end of September, I helped host Tana's bridal shower at my house along with her maid of honor and the other 6 bridesmaids. The shower turned out so great and she loved it! Tana's maid of honor, Katie bought a ton of floral bouquets and we took them apart and arranged them to create beautiful and natural looking arrangements...probably the best part of the decor at the shower! We also had a picture area on my buffet with an advice book for all the guests to write in. It was a beautiful day and Tana got lots of fun gifts! Everything from mixing bowls and glasses to risque lingerie and fun bridal robes. :)
Images taken by Katie

The last two weeks were especially busy. My mom and I got our save the dates out, Tana's bridesmaids have been planning her bachelorette party for next weekend and I had a huge issue going to press for work. I'm so glad two of those projects are out the door and next weekend is almost completely planned which means I can breathe and relax at the bachelorette party weekend. :) We are renting a villa at a local resort in Scottsdale, I'm so excited! But back to the save the dates, those went out last week Friday. Local friends and family just received them on Saturday, but out of town guests will be getting them this coming week. I have done so many invitations and save the dates in the past, so the fact that it was for our own wedding this time was so surreal.

Needless to say, the next few weeks are going to be quite busy as well, so I can't promise there will be too many blog posts about projects for our wedding anytime soon, but I will try!

Next up we'll be posing all of our engagement pictures. Get ready to be blown away, our wedding photographers are incredible!


  1. i am excited to see them. you look stunning the few that i have seen!!

  2. thanks laura! i couldn't wait any longer so i posted them to facebook :)