Thursday, December 16, 2010

these are a few of my favorite themes

Choosing a style for our wedding was very easy. We decided to use the look of the venue as our inspiration so that everything flows nicely and doesn't feel out of place (it's the designer in me). I explained the style we are going for in a previous post on the EAD blog, but you probably get the idea just by browsing posts on here. Romantic (what wedding isn't romantic though?), sophisticated, organic with a slight old world feel, etc. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely in love with the style we have set and everything we have picked out, but there is a side of me that is in love with other styles as well. Below are a few and why I love them and why they don't work for us.

Rustic/Vintage/Indie: If you have googled "wedding ideas" or briefly glanced at any wedding blogs, you will know that this style is extremely trendy. There are elements of it that I love, but parts that really do not fit us at all. I love the worn out wood, vintage lace, old books and funky colors. The parts that do not fit us are the photobooth mustaches, guys in suspenders and the overall casual feel. We are not even close to being hipsters.

French Bistro: I love this style, but it really does not fit Mike. Plain and simple. Plus, he is Hispanic and I am German, might be a bit strange for us to have a French themed wedding...especially since he's never even been there. Fortunately for me, we still have a few of the elements that I love with this look - cobblestones, vines on the walls and a focus on wine.

Travel: Again, this style fits me, but definitely does not fit Mike. I love it when the tables are named after places the couple has traveled to, that would solve a little problem of ours! Unfortunately those table numbers would have nothing to do with him though.

Choosing a style is the easy part, but sticking with it is the challenge. You would think planning a wedding with our style criteria would be fairly simple, but you'd be surprised as to how difficult it is to find weddings like that. Two weddings that I always refer to when I am in a rut are the wedding of Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs and a wedding featured on Style Me Pretty by Kristin Banta. Ami's wedding was ten years ago and is still beautiful and current. To me that truly means that it was timeless. When I get distracted by all the amazing trends out there, I have to remember, go for timeless! The SMP wedding reminds me of the look and feel that we have been desiring from the beginning. I am so in love with that wedding!

Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs

table number dilemma

I hate to start another blog post like this, but I did it again...I have failed to keep up with my blogs. I think everyone is just overwhelmed this time of year with Christmas shopping, baking cookies, holiday events and parties, etc, etc. On top of all that, it is the busiest time of the year at work. Oh, and, um, we are planning a wedding and are less than four months away! Sorry to complain about how busy things are, I'm sure everyone else is just as busy, but it truly does explains my blogging absence. Unfortunately I have been horrible with keeping up with posts where I guest blog over here.

Since we are less than four months away, I have set a deadline for multiple projects of January first. Fortunately we have almost everything figured out as to what we are doing, we just have to do them. More posts in the future about all of those projects (I promise!).

The one thing we (I) are having a hard time deciding what to do with are the menus/name cards/napkins/table numbers. I thought I had it all figure out, but the wedding doubts have set in. I blame it on all the amazing wedding blogs I look at almost daily. First, the table numbers, that is probably the biggest unknown right now. Here are a few ideas I have found:

We are making stained wood signs as mentioned in an earlier post, so my first thought was to make wood block table numbers to match. They would be kind of like this except dark stained wood and Mike would be drawing the numbers so they would look nicer. Then we remembered we'd need about 20 of them...not sure if we want to go through making 20.
Image via Wedding Chicks

Then I thought it would be really nice to have the table number actually have a use at the table. I love the idea of having a wine bottle with the number or an olive oil bottle. Those two items would really fit the overall look and theme of the day and the venue.
Images via The Knot and PreOwned Wedding Dresses

Our centerpieces are lush with lots of greenery and I thought it would be beautiful to tuck in the table numbers in the centerpieces. Only problem with that is half our tables are rectangular and it may look odd to have a table number on one side of the centerpiece and not the other. I'm a bit obsessive with symmetry. Maybe I can get over that because this really is beautiful.
Images via Dream Green Weddings and 100 Layer Cake

There are so many options! And once you decide on that, then its deciding on how to arrange the menus and name cards and the rest of the table. I have some ideas for those, so I'm sure it will all work out. It's just a matter of making decisions. Thank goodness I have an awesome MOH who is going to help me make some decisions about these things. Thanks Brooke!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

mike's 30th birthday!

Last night we hosted a birthday party for Mike in celebration of him turning the big 3-0! It was so nice to have so many of his friends there. It is easy to see that he is very loved by his friends and family. Thanks to everyone who could make it!
I had his mom bring a picture of Mike and his dad when he was one, everyone loved it!
It was a perfect night to sit outside with a firepit.

lace candleholders

Last December I found this great DIY tutorial from Beth Helmstetter for lace candleholders. I knew I wanted to incorporate these into our wedding, except with a much more delicate lace. (Oops, I wasn't engaged last December, ha!)
I have done a few trials on small votives with lace and it was very easy and looks beautiful! I brought them to the mock table setup with our florist and they looked so great with everything else.

This past week we also hit the four month mark from our wedding, yikes! Lots more to do.

Image via Style Me Pretty by Jose Villa

november updates

Wow, I can't believe its been over a month since the last blog post! A lot has happened since the last post in late October...

Mike's brother Steve got married in early November!

A week later my nephew turned one and we had a great party for him. He also had his first haircut last week. He is growing up so fast!

Thanksgiving was great! We ended up spending Thursday with Mike's family and he played that evening, so we did my family dinner the following Saturday. It was so nice to have Mike's parents join us. Leila loves Mike's mom. She has even asked me if she will be her grandma when we get married. :)

Obviously someone in this pic needed a nap...

Last night Mike's parents and I hosted a 30th birthday party for him at my house. We planned on it being a small get-together with all his closest friends, but it turned into being a party of about fifty people! Mike had so much fun! Pictures to come from the party.

Wedding plans are going well, I promise to update the blog more often. Lots of projects are underway in the next few weeks!