Tuesday, January 18, 2011

coffee filter flowers

A few months ago, I had seen a tweet from Ami, the editor of Elizabeth Anne Designs about a coffee filter flower tutorial on Design Sponge. I was so happy to come across this link, because these paper flowers are perfect for the Mexican fiesta theme of our rehearsal dinner (being held on the patio here)! I was also so excited about it because it led me to this great DIY website, Aunt Peaches.

After seeing the tutorial, I had immediately tried dying coffee filters as instructed, but they just didn't seem to get dark enough. We tried using food coloring as well, but that didn't work the way it was supposed to. Eventually, I took this project over to my brother's house and him and my sister-in-law (my moh) helped me get this project going. Somehow, Brooke figured out a great method in dying the filters and drying them quickly in the microwave. (We thought they were burning because there was a terrible burnt smell...turns out it was a leftover piece of macaroni stuck in the microwave, ha!)
While Brooke dyed and dried the filters, my brother and I cut the different shades to the appropriate shape.

Then, we put together three flowers to see how a complete arrangement would look. We used the green masking tape (my mom actually found it in the gardening department at Home Depot), but left off the green leaves as shown in the original tutorial. We are going to be putting them in empty jars of El Pato sauces to go along with the Mexican theme. We are so happy with how they turned out! The flowers pictures were the first three we did, they got better and better the more we did. I can't wait to see how they will look in the cans on the tables!

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