Tuesday, January 11, 2011

family wedding photos

One special thing we are doing to honor our families at our wedding is having family wedding pictures displayed at cocktail hour. I have been collecting as many generations of pictures as possible from both sides of the families. We are fortunate enough to have all four pictures of my great-grandparents and we even know the dates of their weddings!

I absolutely love family history. For one of my college design projects, I compiled and designed a family tree that went as far back as the 1600's and included all 27 cousins in my family. As a child, teenager and even into my young adult life, I loved sitting with my grandparents and hearing about their memories as a child and young adult. My grandpa was in World War 2 and he would always tell me stories and show me pictures from that time period. Being born in 1921, he was my oldest grandparent and had some amazing stories to tell. He grew up in Wisconsin, but only spoke German for the first few years of his life. Things like that amaze me. I think about how things were back in 1990, when I was 5 and the world around me has drastically changed since then. I can only imagine how it will be when I am 86 like my grandpa was the last time I had those conversations with him.

Back to the family wedding photos...below are three generations of my family's weddings. It is amazing to see how the photography, fashion and styles have changed over the years.

These are my great-grandparents, Clara & Arthur (a very popular name in my family...both my mom's grandpas and her father were named Arthur). They were married in 1914 in Wisconsin.

These are my grandparents, Joyce and Arthur. They were married in 1951. We will be getting married 60 years apart from them! We are so excited to be celebrating their anniversary next August with the entire family in Wisconsin.

And of course my parents. They were married in 1980 in Minnesota (even though they both lived in Arizona at the time). My mom was 25, the same age as me. In a previous post, I talked about how my mom made her own dress and I showed pictures of when I tried it on. Aren't my parents so cute? :)

We will have plenty more family pictures on display at the wedding...which is in less than three months!


  1. displaying old family wedding photos is SUCH a cool idea - i love it.

    i love family history too... so much. and guess what? my grandpa came over from germany as a young boy, and grew up in wisconsin. he also served in world war 2. maybe our grandpas knew each other! :)

  2. Thanks Angela! I always remember the trip we took to the temple to research our genealogies together. I'd love to go back with my fiance and research his family someday.

    My grandpa is from Manitowoc County in Wisconsin. Do you know where yours is from? Small world!