Thursday, January 20, 2011

rehearsal dinner

As of last night, we are officially booked for our rehearsal dinner at a beautiful Mexican restaurant in Gilbert called Tia Rosa's! Everything about the restaurant is perfect from the food to the atmosphere and the service.

Initially, we had thought about having the rehearsal dinner in a backyard. We looked into renting a house in the same neighborhood we are getting married in, but that just didn't work out. Mike's brother and sister-in-law live the closest and they were so kind to offer their yard for the dinner as well. In the end we just decided it would be easiest to have it at a restaurant so we wouldn't have to transport rental equipment and food. We are sure that all of our guests will love the food and have a wonderful time the night before the big day.

This week has also been busy with assembling the invitations. I am so excited to get them mailed out so everyone can finally see what we have been working on for months, but I am also nervous. We absolutely love how the invites turned out, but it is always so stressful getting them put together and done correctly. I have made invitations numerous times, yet I still forget how much work it actually is to put them together. My mom and Mike have been such a huge help with them though, it has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders. They should be ready to be mailed no later than Monday!

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