Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ribbon wall

UPDATE: We now offer ribbon walls for sale in my etsy shop! Check it out here.

This past Saturday my mom and I decided to tackle the huge project of creating the ribbon wall that will cover the 40 foot black board that I mentioned in a previous post. This project seemed extremely overwhelming, but once we figured out all the dimensions, it was a breeze...until we tried rolling it up.

First, we measured and cut each ribbon to the appropriate length so that there is just enough to make a loop and drag on the ground a bit.

Then, my mom took them to the sewing machine and stitched the loops on each one. She stitched them together and we just snipped them apart afterwards. This method worked great!

We laid them out on the ground, sectioned out by colors. After we had a pattern figured out that we liked, I collected the ribbons and handed them to my mom.

My mom then looped them onto the 20 foot metal poles. This really did not take much time at all.

Once they were all looped on, we held it up to see the final result. Looks great!!

Now, the tricky part. Rolling it up sounds easy, right? We were so wrong about that! Since we needed the loops to be somewhat loose (we need to modify it a bit when we get to the venue), we couldn't just roll it, they kept sliding around. We started rolling each ribbon individually, but that definitely would not last for 160 ribbons. We ended up figuring out how to roll eight ribbons at a time and taping them down with masking tape. After that, we wrapped them in saren wrap so they are all set to be stored for the next few months. There may be some wrinkles when unwrap them, but we figured it would be ok and we'd figure that out when we got there.

We're very happy with how it turned out, what do you think?! We can't wait to use this as the backdrop for our dessert table and photo area!

P.S. In all these pictures it looks like my mom is the only one work, I promise I did my fair share! ;)


  1. how fun... i bet it's going to be so pretty in person.

  2. this looks great! i think i want to make one for my office or spare bedroom.

  3. May I ask where you bought all the ribbon from? Thinking of maybe doing something similar to cover up the refridgerators in my reception space.

  4. Thanks ladies! :)

    Kim, this is the ribbon we bought:
    You can buy samples to see the colors before as well.

  5. this is beautiful! would you consider selling this? if so, please e-mail me at katelynbruce@gmail.com :) I would love to use this at my upcoming wedding!

  6. Do you mind sharing what size ribbon and how much you needed to cover your space, I am thinking of doing this to cover up a small area at our reception which we are having at my fiances house. :) Thanks!

  7. About how much do these cost to make??