Thursday, January 27, 2011

what to do after april 2?

The wedding will be here in 65 days and then we will be gone for 6 more days. We are both beyond excited about the wedding and honeymoon, not only because we will be getting married, see all of our family together at the same time and we get to go on an amazing vacation, but also because all the wedding planning and projects will be done. Don't get me wrong, I love doing these projects (notice how I said "I", not "we"), but it definitely comes to a point where you are ready to see the final product and have some sort of completeness. We have spent the last nine months planning, we are ready!

People have asked me though, "what are you going to do when the wedding is over?" My response is, be married! But it really got me thinking, what will we do? No need to worry, we have plenty of ideas of things we'd like to do.

First of all, there are a few things we are going to save up for. One is a trip to France and Italy next year summer. As an artist and art lover, we both have always wanted to go to Italy and Paris. I was fortunate enough to go to Paris a few years ago, but it is my favorite city I've ever been to, so I'm dying to go back! More to come on the plans for our trip in future posts.

The second thing we plan on saving up for is furniture and decorating the house. I have been a long-time fan of decorating blogs, my favorite being this one. They are so inspiring and it definitely make me want to get going on decorating this house. I bought my house a couple years ago and have bought a few pieces of furniture and did some painting, but thats about it. We want to buy a new sofa (probably the first thing on the list), bedroom furniture (I bought a king size bed when I first moved in) and an entertainment center (since we bought ourselves a nice big Christmas gift this year).

One thing my parents, Mike and I spent a lot of time on when I first moved in was the yard. This is how the backyard looked when I first bought the house.

It was pretty bad. Mike and my dad spent a few solid days just pulling weeds. But we saw the potential in the yard. It is small, but cozy and the open fence in the back really makes it feel larger. I could see this yard being the perfect space for entertaining.

I spent hours searching online sites for inspiration. In the end, we went with something basic that would work for a while. Here is the after picture, taken over a year ago.

Since this picture, many of the trees and plants have grown in and are much larger, so it feels much more lush now. But what a huge difference!

Still, I'm not sure if it is the yard we will keep. I have ideas of making the yard more like a garden and planter area with lots of space for seating.

I would also love to turn the patio into a comfy entertaining space as well.

A few other things I'd love to do after the wedding are take a weekly yoga class with my mom, buy a nice camera and take more pictures (I have a secret desire to one day be a photographer), start up my own side business (still figuring that one out) and travel (we are starting with a trip to Wisconsin in August for my grandparent's 60th anniversary!).

This will all come in time and first things first...get married!

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