Saturday, February 26, 2011

35 days – content and blessed

We can hardly believe we are only 35 days away from the big day! We are both very excited, a bit nervous, anxious and just really ready for this. By the time we get married, we will have been engaged for about a year. A whole year to plan everything out very far in advance, pile on projects because I have "so much time" and have my whole life revolve around wedding stuff. I really have enjoyed it, but at this point we are entirely ready to get married, have the time of our lives and just BE married...finally.

Early in the planning process we came up with and were inspired by many different ideas from the wedding world that we decided to do at our wedding. But we did pick and choose. We chose things because we liked them and they felt special to us. For example, we are having a candy/dessert bar. We cannot wait and we know our guests will enjoy it. As part of the desserts my mom is baking Mexican wedding cakes my great-grandma's molasses crinkle cookies – my favorite! We are also not having a traditional guest book and are doing a fingerprint wedding tree. Mike is drawing it and we can't wait to hang it up in our house after the wedding and be reminded daily of all our friends and family that shared in our special day. We're also doing a sparkler send-off. I am so excited for this part of the night, it is sure to make some gorgeous pictures! We are also having multiple musicians play at our ceremony and a full 10-piece band at the reception along with a DJ to play all our favorite tunes (that's what you get for marrying a musician!). We are incorporating our family and cultural traditions in so many ways, that is so important to us. I also realized something this week as I was designing our programs – I really don't care if someone doesn't like something we are doing or have made. We love it, it is unique and new to us and has meaning, that's what matters.

I can truly say that we have spent the last year planning my dream wedding (because lets be honest, Mike hasn't thought much about his wedding until the past few months, and has certainly never dreamed about the details of his wedding), but what is most important is how we have grown over the past year as a couple and soon to be family. We are so grateful to have amazing parents who are completely supportive and are giving us our dream day. Not only are they hosting the wedding at a beautiful venue with outstanding vendors and delicious food, they have given us amazing examples of what a loving and lasting Christian marriage is. We can't even begin to describe how much we treasure that gift and how it will get us through the highs and lows in life. All four of them have shown us so much love throughout our lives and especially in the past year, we are truly blessed!

Ok, enough deep thoughts for now, more posts about projects to come. :) Oh and speaking of family and special meanings, I have all of my old, new, borrowed and blue items. Can't wait to do a post about them!

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