Thursday, February 24, 2011

music requests

Over the past few months, we have been keeping an ongoing list of music for the wedding. On our website we also were taking song requests. Well, we only got one, but it's a good one! Mike's sister-in-law requested that we play their song so they can dance bachata. This song is so beautiful, I'm looking forward to see them dance to it!

In keeping with the song requests, Mike's parent's asked that we play plenty of cumbia songs. Some of the more popular cumbia songs are by Selena. I lived in Albuquerque while Selena was really popular (she was VERY popular there!), so I am familiar with her music and I still love her songs. I still don't know how to dance cumbia, but I'll just follow what everyone else does. :)

We are also doing the Mexican wedding march at the reception. I have done it once and don't really remember exactly how it goes, but we don't have to be the ones leading it, whew! It should be fun to see his family doing the march who know how to do it and my family who has probably never seen it before. For those family members and friends of mine reading this, I couldn't find a decent video of it, but here is a description of how to do it. (We just won't be doing the coin tradition and this won't be happening before our first dance.)

Of course we will have a few German polka dances too. Mike's dad told me last week that his sisters went polka dancing recently and had a lot of fun with it. I know my family will really enjoy dancing to these cumbia dances and the Mexican march as well. Everyone is sure to have a great time!

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