Thursday, May 19, 2011

new furniture, coming soon...

Over the past few months we have spent some time looking and thinking about a new sofa for our living room and we finally made a decision. In one short week we will have the above sofa delivered to us and ready to relax on. And trust me, this sofa is meant for relaxing on, it is incredibly comfortable (a huge reason why we bought it).

I'm so excited about the color we picked, it is so versatile and will be a good canvas for any color scheme we want to incorporate. The style that we want to go for in the house is light, airy and homey. I also want to incorporate some unique pieces to add some interest. I'm thinking maybe a fun coffee table or colorful accent pieces. One thing is for sure though, no more leather for us! Once we get this placed in our home (and maybe a new rug/carpeting), I will post pictures!

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  1. Looks great! Where is it from??

  2. Hello anonymous. :) Its from Macys.