Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today I turn 26! While its a little weird to think that I am entering into my late 20's, I can't help but think how amazing the last year has been. I thought it would be nice to review my 25 at 25 list. I know I didn't complete everything, but the best thing in my life happened to me, which would lead us to number one...

1. Marry my best friend
This obviously happened and I couldn't be happier! I know its really cliche to say this, but he truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He motivates me to be a better person and makes every day feel like the best day of our lives.

I started listing all the other ones out, but realized how few I actually completed. Plus, number one was the most important anyways.

This year I decided to not give myself a list to complete in a year, but more of a bucket list I guess you could call it. After getting married, we often think about our future and things we'd like to do or places we'd like to go. These can all be included on this ongoing list.

This weekend we have plans to do different things in celebration of my birthday. I will write one post about all those events with pictures (if I remember to take them).