Tuesday, June 28, 2011

anthro obsessed

Yesterday we went on a big shopping trip as part of my birthday gift. It was so much fun, but by the end I could tell Mike was really suffering. He couldn't understand how I could still be shopping after a few hours. :)

I had some good finds yesterday though and let me tell you, Monday is the time to shop! It was so dead, but there were so many amazing deals out there. I ended up finding four shirts at Banana Republic which were already on sale and had an extra 40% off. I'm pretty sure the entire store was on sale, it was great. JCrew also had the same type of sale and I ended up finding a super comfy summer dress there – something I was definitely searching for. Loft was also having the extra 40% off sale this weekend and I had found a few things there this past weekend. I'm pretty sure every single store we went into had some sort of sale, this is definitely the time to stock up on summer items!

One of the last stores we went into was Anthropologie. Now I love this store, but always find it to be way too expensive. Since this was birthday money, I decided to spend a bit more on something I really loved. I ended up finding a beautiful blouse and a cute pair of denim cutoffs. They were both on sale, but still more than I normally spend (I am super cheap...normally I scour the clearance racks at Old Navy). And now after buying these two items, I'm convinced I need to bite the bullet and spend a bit more for things I really love. I'm pretty much obsessed with so many of the tops at Anthropologie, take a look:

I really seem to love the blousy tops that can be worn with literally anything because A) they are comfy and B) I have a very hard time finding dresses, jeans, shorts, pants, really anything that involves my lower half. So this is why I have a tendency to buy all tops...which ends up being a problem when putting together an outfit. But I'm going to watch and see if any of these go on sale, because really, my favorite one is over $200 and who is really going to pay that much for a blousy top?

If you've never been to Anthro and aren't convinced that everything in their store is cute, go check it out. I seriously loved nearly everything and the store itself is so unique, its definitely worth walking through. I always love their window displays. This is the top I bought and when I tried it on, I loved it...which is why I bought it. But when I got home and looked at it online, I couldn't believe how different it looked. Contrary to what the picture shows, the fit is perfect, gives a great shape and the details are adorable. I think it may have something to do with the mannequins in the picture. Here is the dress I bought at JCrew. Seriously, the neckline is nothing like what the picture shows, I wouldn't have bought that dress online!

Anyways, enough blabbing about clothes. I'm all out of shopping money for the month anyways. BUT July is almost here and my shopping budget gets refilled soon!

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