Thursday, June 16, 2011

birthday wish list

My birthday is exactly one week from today. My mom has always made fun of me for celebrating my 'birthday week', so...hello birthday week! This year I am turning 26 and I will officially be in my late-20's. Fortunately, Mike will always be older than me, which always makes me feel young. Thanks hun!

Mike has asked me a couple times to send him a wish list of things I would like. I've been struggling to think of something, anything. Truth is, we had such an incredible year with so many blessings, I can't think of anything else I'd want! I got to marry my best friend, see a ton of out of state family and go on a tropical vacation. We'll be going on another trip in August to see family and have a big trip planned for next summer that we are saving for, so really, what more is there? Kitchen stuff my mother would say. :) Of course, I always love kitchen items, but we were so blessed and got nearly everything on our registries for the wedding and shower. (Yes mom, there are still a few necessities left on there!)

So here is my birthday wish list:
1. Another year full of happiness
2. Stronger and new friendships
3. Spending quality time with family
4. A nice dinner out with Mike to my favorite restaurant (hint, hint)

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