Thursday, June 9, 2011

clean eating: week 1

As of last Tuesday I have been eating clean as much as I possibly could. I did pretty well with it the first week and stuck to it for the most part. I tried a few new recipes – most were great and some were horrible. Good news is I lost 3 pounds in the first week with only doing yoga once a week! Time to start stepping it up with my Jillian Michaels videos again.

One of my biggest cravings is for chips. I asked Mike to stop buying chips because they are too tempting and he said he'll just buy the ones I don't like....problem is I like any kind and I usually eat them at the worst time of the day (night) while watching tv. I found a recipe for making your own tortilla chips and it wasn't too bad! Defintely got the job done, so I'll keep making those. The key is buying the right corn tortillas though. I bought the ones at Trader Joe's that have only three ingredients, they are so good! Another type of chips I tried are kale chips.

I was pretty skeptical of these since I've tried raw kale and it is absolutely disgusting. Turns out, baking them with olive oil, salt and a bit of vinegar makes them amazing and addicting! Seriously, give them a chance. They are so good and SO good for you! Just be sure they bake all the way through and are crispy. This is the recipe I used (used white wine vinegar instead).

I also just wanted to mention that I hate designing for myself. If you haven't noticed, I've changed our blog header probably three times in the past two months. I can't decide on anything I like and am feeling very uncreative about it. I just changed it to something simple and light where I can mix up the color every once in a while. It'll do for now...

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