Thursday, June 16, 2011

life dreams

Last year I posted my 25 at 25 list...and I have pretty much failed on almost half of them. But thats ok, its good to have goals and things to work towards. This time though, I'm going to make a list of big picture goals and ideas without giving myself a time restriction. I figure I'm more likely to complete them this way? Let's hope so.

Learn French.
I've taken about 6 years or so of Spanish, but never seemed to learn how to actually speak the language... just colors, numbers, food and the common table prayer. Spanish would be a more logical language to learn living in Arizona and all, but there's something about the way the French language sounds and how it looks written and typed out (yup, thats the nerdy designer in me). So beautiful and fluid, I love it.

Own a business with a storefront.
And yes, I want it to be adorable and cute just like this one (minus the not so cute logo on the window). But to be honest, this dream scares me and it makes me nervous posting about it and putting it out there. I have lots of ideas on what I want to do and where I want to go with my concept, but the hardest part is getting there. I am definitely struggling with this.

Own a gorgeous piano.
Maybe this is more of Mike's dream than mine (I really want those beautiful wood floors and a room with seven windows, wow!), but I love the idea of having a beautiful piano in our home someday because I know it will get good use and be taken care of. We want to be sure our kids have access to many forms of music and art growing up, so maybe we'll start with a smaller piano, but eventually we want one like this...and I want it to be in a room like this.

Become a better photographer.
Actually, I'm not a photographer at all and I don't necessarily plan on becoming one (that once was my dream), but I just want to take great pictures. I love photography and have a good eye for it (that is part of what I do at work), but struggle with the technical parts. First step is getting a real camera.

This is overwhelming, I think that is all I can handle right now. More later!

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