Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my ABCs

I saw this post from Ami over at EAD the other day and thought it would be fun to do! So here are my ABCs. :)

A. Age – 25 (almost 26...22 more days!)

B. Bed size – King

C. Chore you hate – Cleaning the floors...we have so much tile in the house!

D. Dogs – I've been scared of them my entire life. Can't stand the slobber and shedding.

E. Essential start to your day – Shower, breakfast, multivitamin and checking email and facebook

F. Favorite color – Dusty turquoise (I'm quite particular on the shade too)

G. Gold or silver – Gold, but not shiny gold for the house

H. Height – 5'8"

I. Instruments – Took piano lessons for 8 years, but never got the hang of it (and didn't practice...sorry Mrs. Martz!). My husband can play any instrument he picks up!

J. Job title – Senior Graphic Designer at a small publication company

K. Kids – Not yet!

L. Live – 3br house in Gilbert, we love our home!

M. Mom's name – Becky

N. Nicknames – JJ (although now it will probably be JB), Jana Banana

O. Overnight hospital stays – Never

P. Pet peeve – Biting nails, typos and poor typography (comic sans and papyrus, yuck!)

Q. Quote from a movie – "I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly." I love You've Got
Mail...I always cry at the end.

R. Right or left handed – Right

S. Siblings – An older brother, 2 brother-in-laws and 3 sister-in-laws

T. Time you wake up – I try for before 8, but usually 8:15ish

U. Underwear – This is a little personal...anything that is clean?

V. Vegetables you dislike – Haven't found one yet I don't like!

W. What makes you run late – Myself...I always miscalculate how long it takes to get ready.

X. X-Rays you've had – Dental and when I broke my arm...oh and when I was a baby I ate a rock so I'm assuming they had to take an x-ray?

Y. Yummy food you make – I love to cook! Chicken piccata, chicken chow mein and lemon cake (starting to cook more clean recipes though)

Z. Zoo – Favorite animal – Not a big animal lover....

Photo by Davis Photographers

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