Thursday, June 9, 2011

our signature drink (recipe included!)

At the wedding, we decided to only serve beer and wine, but for cocktail hour, we wanted there to be a special signature drink. I also made cute little drink flags to go in the signature drinks...which turned into the longest lasting project of the entire wedding. I think my mom is still haunted at the thought of making those drink flags.

A few months before the wedding Mike and I would browse restaurant drink menus and try different things to get some ideas. We always came back to flavored margaritas and the Wallaby Darned at Outback. Plus, we had peaches in our table centerpieces. So, we decided to mix those ideas and make a peach margarita! The result was phenomenal. We weren't actually at the cocktail hour, but we are STILL hearing people rave about the margaritas.

See, I told you people loved them! Our incredible coordinator, Tracy at Superstition Mountain even had two of them waiting for us at our sweetheart table.

Ok, I know you all just want me to stop talking and give you the recipe, so here it is:

Mike & Jana's Signature Peach Margaritas
3 parts Tequila
1 part Triple Sec
6 parts peach puree
Garnish with an orange slice

So simple and delicious. Let us know if any of you out there try this at home!

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