Friday, June 3, 2011

summa time!

I love June and I'm so happy its here! I've really been loving summer styles this year, but that may be beacause it hasn't hit 110 yet (where you don't really want to wear anything but a swimming suit). I love all these light airy tops and cute rolled up shorts. And sandals this year are adorable, just got these from Old Navy and I love them! I got the natural color, but it looks like they are all out of that one.

I've found a few fun fashion blogs to read that actually show real outfits that normal people would wear with items from stores I've actually heard of with things I can actually afford. Check them out here and here. Pinterest is also a fun place to find fashion ideas.

Now all I need is a bigger clothing budget each month and a place to wear all these fun clothes. :)

All images via my Pinterest

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