Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY house projects

This weekend we started to get serious about the projects we want to do to the house and actually started looking at the supplies to get them done at Lowe's. It was pretty overwhelming so we went home and had to make a list categorized by each room. I'm such a list person, so I'm hoping this will help us tackle one project at a time.

So one of the things I have been seeing on different decor blogs lately is how to paint metal fixtures in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Our master bathroom layout is very similar to the one in the pic below.

On this site, the designer goes through very detailed steps in painting anything to be oil-rubbed bronze. I may have found my new obsession (if it looks good in person)! I think we'll try this out first on a silver lamp we have from Ikea. No loss there if we mess up on it or don't like it, but eventually we'd love to have this finish on all our door handles, showers and faucets. See the tutorial here.

Another project we want to try is paneling on the walls. We live in Arizona, our home is about five years old and while we love it, it doesn't have many interesting architectural details or wall treatments (beige everywhere!). We looked at the paneling and moldings at Lowe's and Mike was pretty confident he could figure out how to do this. I would love to do a wall of moldings and paneling on the large wall behind our bed like in the below pic...maybe even add in some textured wallpaper in the openings.

My brother has done crown molding in his house and has warned us that it is a lot harder than it looks, so we're thinking of trying some basic wall paneling and molding in the spare room first. Image Source

Another DIY project I've seen on blogs is using molding to create a frame around builder grade bathroom mirrors (which we have in all three bathrooms).

I LOVE this idea because taking those big mirrors down scare me...and mirrors with frames are crazy expensive. You could paint the frame any color you want too. This project is so great, I want to try it asap! Maybe on a smaller bathroom mirror first? Image Source

I'm crossing my fingers these projects can work for us. You all probably know Mike is really good at drawing, but he's also really talented in sculpting and woodwork. I'm hoping between his skills with that and my skills I learned in design school (I'm a pro with an exacto knife!), we can make these projects happen and look gorgeous.

Any tips out there or anyone tried any of these projects??

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