Wednesday, July 27, 2011

living room progress (a coffee table, ekk!)

We are so excited, yesterday our new coffee table came in and we couldn't be happier with how it looks and fits! I promised a while ago to post pics of the new sofa, but I was kind of waiting for this table. Honestly, neither of us has ever had a real coffee table before. We were using two small square Ikea tables pushed together as our coffee table/dinner table. They were so ugly, it was embarrassing.

In the below pic you can really see the details in the finish of the coffee table. The entire table is made of reclaimed wood, we absolutely love it!

Although the living room is coming together now, we still have a long ways to go. But it all takes time as my mother-in-law says. :) Above I've listed the more immediate (as in the next few months) plans for this space.

- Sofa Pillows: We're getting close to deciding on a color scheme so I can go pick out some pillows...or fabric to make pillows. Thinking of doing lighter colors in the spring/summer with dusty turquoise (like the blanket), yellow, terra cotta and neutrals like ivory and tan. Hoping to get some deep red pillows for fall/winter.

- Hang Mirror: The beautiful mirror we bought last month still needs to be hung up above the buffet.

- Carpet: We are still using an old carpet/rug that my parents had bound and used in their old house and that I have been using for a few years. Its not really the right color and has a ton of stains on it now. We're hoping to get something a bit darker and less gold.

- Collage of Frames: So far we have two starter frames for the collage so now we just need to order some wedding pictures. This wall will be devoted to professional pictures (engagement, wedding, family).

- Coffee Table Centerpiece: Possibly a low vase with some dried or very real looking fake flowers in it? Definitely needs to be low though.

More pics to come as projects get completed!

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  1. Jana - I love, love, love this! I can totally see where you're headed with this room and I know it will be amazing when you've gotten all the pieces you desire :) Keep up the great work!