Tuesday, July 19, 2011

new coffee table!

We have been needing a new coffee table for a while now...actually, we never really had one. We have been using two ugly square Ikea tables pushed together as a coffee table since, well, I had an apartment in Scottsdale. The Ikea tables are in really bad shape and I'm pretty embarrassed of them, especially now that we have such a beautiful sofa next to them.

We knew we wanted something round, a certain size and something we can still sit at to eat dinner (yes we do this nearly every night). I wanted something unique and worn looking. I love the reclaimed wood look, so after seeing this beauty from Pottery Barn, I knew we had to have it. It is made of reclaimed acacia wood and is everything we wanted in a coffee table. Well, last week we did it, we went in and ordered it! We still haven't seen it in person, so we're not 100% sure we will be keeping it, but from what we can see in the pictures it is perfect. Its just that right color where you can still coordinate dark woods with it. Plus the style fits in nicely with our refined/classic style of the sofa and the rustic/worn look of this mirror (which we still have to hang up).

I promised I'd post a picture of the new sofa and I haven't yet...mostly because I'm not the best at taking pictures of things in the house, but once we get this in I definitely will. :)

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