Thursday, July 21, 2011

tacos for dinner

This week I tried a different method for our meal plans. I made a list of all the possible meals, lunches and snacks we could make based on what we had in the house (plus shopping for a few items) and hung it up on the fridge. So far it's worked great! It's really cut down on how much wasted food we've had or things that just have gone bad because plans changed throughout the week.

One of our favorite dinner meals (besides this...which we are having tonight), is tacos. The best thing about tacos is that you can basically throw anything you have in your fridge in them and it tastes good. Just be sure to have the basics for ultimate flavor – cilantro and lime. We've also found a corn/wheat mix tortilla at Sprouts that is delicious and just the right size. You have to heat them on a skillet though or else they taste a bit doughy.

The first is your basic carne asada tacos. Now the ones in the picture include corn and some sort of green salsa, but we keep it simple. Just guacamole (with lots of lime in it), carne asada meat (you can find it raw and pre-marinated at Sprouts, Costco or Fry's) and a splash of hot sauce on top. This is really the quickest and easiest meal, but oh so delicious. Sprouts also has pollo asada meat which is just as good as the steak. Image Source

Another of our favorites are these shrimp fajita tacos. I'm pretty sure these are Mike's favorite as they have onions and peppers in them. We use crushed chipotle chiles instead of the powder. Find the recipe here.

Another of our favorites is fish tacos. We've used mahi, halibut and ahi tuna in the past. I've searched for a simple yet delicious fish taco recipe, but haven't been able to find one. Usually we just improvise and make it up. Shredded cabbage is our topping of choice in fish tacos and I like to sprinkle the fish with some cayenne pepper before grilling. I also will mix together a mayo/sour cream sauce for these. Using a lot of lime and cilantro is key here! Image Source

Today I came across a new taco recipe that I really want to try. They have charred corn in them with a zucchini-relish slaw...and of course cheese. Sounds so refreshing doesn't it?

Now I'm it time for dinner yet?

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