Monday, August 15, 2011

weekend highlights

- Bike riding every morning around the neighborhood. I definitely don't dress that cute and my bike isn't as fun as that one, but that is how I want my legs to look eventually...lean and muscular. Being thrown off by the time change when we got back from our trip really helped me get in a better routine to wake up earlier and do this. This is the first step in getting in steps....

- Unpacking and laundry (so not fun)

- Lunch with the parents and shopping at Sur La Table (so fun!)

- Cooked some delicious corn from Sprouts (10 for $2 this week...seriously go buy some, its good!)

- Catching up on my shows. We had a ton of recorded shows to watch from the week or so that we were gone. Last night was the finale of the Next Food Network Star. I'm so sad Susie lost. She was my favorite the entire time. She reminded me of a hispanic Giada and I was really anxious to watch her show and learn some new Mexican recipes!

That is pretty much it. Mike was busy working and learning new material, but I had a really quiet weekend. It was nice just to get back in the swing of things and relax after a big trip last week.

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