Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chai Tea

I'm not a coffee drinker (too much caffeine), but I absolutely love chai tea! I know, it still has caffeine in it, but a cup of it doesn't do much damage to me, so I'm ok with it. What really got me started drinking chai tea is when I went on my month-long study abroad trip to India. They love chai tea there and drink it all throughout the day...even in the 100 degree weather (they don't ice it)!

While we were there, our professor's wife, who was living and teaching there at the time, showed us how real authentic chai tea is made. I wish now that I would have written it down, but I can still remember a bit how to make it. Of course, they use buffalo's milk which would be pretty hard to find here, but the basis of the spices would be the same.
{Image via Viva Bailey}
Since then I have been trying to figure out how to make chai tea to taste just like we had it in India (and we had a lot when we were there...every stop we made included a cup of chai tea). Ok, when I say "figuring it out" though I mean I've been thinking about it. I've tried different chai teas and lattes, but haven't really tried making my own until recently. I found a great recipe and decided to try it, but since I'm eating dairy-free right now, I used almond milk.
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This is my second day of having this tea and it is delicious! It is definitely the closest thing I've had to real Indian chai tea, but its still not exactly the same. From what I remember, they used quite a bit of ginger, so I may try using more next time. Either way, I love this stuff and the best part is its gluten and dairy free! Find the recipe here.

P.S. I was looking through all my India pictures for the one above (I have pics from everyone on the trip, so that is quite a few pictures!) and reminiscing about our adventurous trip there. I may have to post a few of those pictures on here or facebook soon.

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