Thursday, November 10, 2011


I can't believe how bad I've been at blogging over here lately! It's been almost a month since I posted anything and about two months since I've posted anything thats been going on with us. I have a reason for all that. Starting a business is hard work and time consuming. I've spent most of my time lately designing invites, cards and parties and coming up with ideas for our blog. I love it and hope that things keep going with it! It really is what I believe I am meant to do and can't wait to see where our business goes.

The hardest part about working full time at my current job and having a business is time management and remembering to relax and have fun. There are so many stresses with starting your own business that no one tells you about. Stress about how to handle the business side of things (thank goodness for my business partner Brooke!), anxiety about wondering if people will like what you've made, figuring out how to organize everything and most of all, how to step away and call it a day. I've never really understood that last one until recently. I handle the social media part of our business too, so there's also the thoughts of "what if I post too much and people get annoyed?", "why is no one commenting?" and "why won't people 'like' us on our page?" (If you're reading this and follow our business as well, it truly does make our day when people comment or like our posts and pictures!)

Over the past few weeks, I've had to learn to shut all that off and just relax and be. Enjoy family, focus on my health and spend quality (non-business talk) time with my husband. It's a tough thing to balance and I'm still learning.

That brings me to this picture. Last weekend our family took my Grandma out to lunch at Joe's BBQ, one of her favorite places. She can't drive so she doesn't get out much, so we thought it would be a nice treat for her. My mom captured this picture of my nephew with my dad and Mike as we were walking back to our cars. I love Preston's face in this picture and it reminds me of why its so important to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life. So, here is my list of non-business things I want to do in the next few months:

- Make bracelets with my niece
- Decorate our house for Christmas (picked up a few items last night)
- Get healthy (this is my first week without gluten, sugar or dairy - more to come on that)
- Make a wreath (I'd like to make this one, which means I need to drink more wine!)
- Frame pictures & hang things on the walls in our home (ordered wedding pics already)
- Make our honeymoon and wedding albums

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