Friday, November 11, 2011

I miss you cheese!

You may remember a few months ago when I tried out clean eating. Obviously I didn't keep that up and/or it didn't help with my 'symptoms' or I wouldn't be writing a post titled "I miss you cheese!" Since the symptoms I explained in that previous post just aren't going away, I decided I needed to take action.

A couple months ago I went to the doctor and had a test for celiac disease (and a few other things), but all came back negative. I was relieved since that would have meant no pizza or pasta in Italy for me, but at the same time, I was frustrated. We still didn't know what the cause of all this 'sickness' was from. I got really irritated trying to figure it out, so I just gave up and ate whatever I wanted regardless of the consequences (I seem to go through cycles like that). I finally got fed up with feeling extremely bloated, stomach cramps know. So I decided to strip my diet of gluten, dairy and sugar like my doctor had recommended.

Its day five of my new eating plan and I feel absolutely fantastic! No more bloating, cramping, running to the bathroom (other than because I have been drinking so much water!) or headaches. To make it even better, I actually have way more energy and focus during the day and to top it all off, I've already lost about 3.5 pounds!

This is all great and I am loving how I feel, but I really truly deeply miss my cheese. Anyone who knows me knows that I love cheese, so this has really been the hardest part for me. Most people would think the no gluten is the hardest part and when I tell them my new eating plan, they say "what's left to eat, broccoli?!" (No joke, I have heard this from multiple people). I'm finding that there are so many substitutes for gluten though - quinoa pasta, rice crackers, lettuce instead of bread for sandwiches.

So the plan is to continue this for nine more days (two weeks total) and then start to reintroduce dairy for a week, see how I feel, and then gluten the following week so I can figure out the offender.

I so appreciate all the support in this test, I really do need it since nighttime snacking is the absolute hardest thing for me. Not to mention, my favorite restaurant is based around authentic Italian pizzas and cheese plates.

More to come on this, hopefully some results will be found at the end of it!

Image via Sprouted Kitchen

P.S. My mom sent me the link to this blog. Her story is truly inspiring!


  1. I feel your pain! It took over 1.5 years of a ''mysterious'' sickness and several different doctors and theories to find out what my problems were: #1 was that I am crazy lactose intolerant...that was basically the worst news ever for me...
    #2 was discovered after cutting out dairy didnt completely solve my problems...after extensive blood tests, I found out I have intolerances of: hops, yeast and egg whites...lucky me, right? :p

    I hope you finally figure out what works for you!
    xx, Christina

  2. Hey Christina, thanks for the post! Its comforting knowing there are other people out there who have diet restrictions like me...sometimes I feel alone on that! I actually figured out that the culprit is gluten. So, I'm thankful to have figured it out, but still struggling with it (especially when we go out to eat).

    Hope you're doing well and excited about the big day! :) Love your blog, by the way!