Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 Goals

It seems like the end of December is the time to start thinking about things we want to do differently and resolutions for the new year. This past year was so wonderful for us, but it was also filled with adjustments and learning more about each other and marriage. And while it was a great year, we definitely have a few things we'd like to get better at and work into our life. I guess rather than calling them resolutions though, I'd like to call them goals.

House: First, I'd like to come up with a quick daily cleaning schedule. I figure if we clean one small thing every weekday, the house will stay maintained and pretty much clean all the time. The second part of this is getting our house organized. I love being organized so it has drove me crazy for almost three years that the closets are a complete mess full of things we probably don't need and my office is not the most efficient space right now. I'd like to start by taking on one closet or space per weekend and focusing on cleaning it out, getting rid of things we don't need and fitting everything back in a nice and organized way. As far as my office goes, I'd like to convert it into more of a guest room/office with plenty of space for storing business items. I'd also like to use some of the wall space to keep things tidy rather than having it all over my desk.

Business: This is a big one, but it is extremely exciting! My sister-in-law and I launched our business in September of this year with a clear vision of what we wanted to do, but a somewhat unclear vision of how to do that. We spent a lot of time and energy on one route and have figured out that we are better to go in another (but very similar) route. We are working on making changes to our website and Etsy shop, so there will definitely be more to come on that throughout this year. Even though I feel like my design skills with invitations and other paper items has tremendously improved in the past year, I want to keep growing as a designer and learn even more as a business owner. We have had some great success over the past few months, so we want to keep growing that success as we go into the new year and explore other avenues in the event design business. I know that's completely vague, but I promise there will be more details soon!

Routine: I probably talk about this one nearly every week (just ask Mike), so I want to reach this goal more than anything this year. Working from home is absolutely fantastic and I wouldn't trade it for any other working situation, but it can definitely be challenging at times. I seem to go up and down on keeping up a great routine for my weekday, but it could be better. I'd like to wake up earlier than I do now, make sure I get outside to either run/walk/bike/hike for a bit every day and stay on task with work items. There are days that just slip by me and afterwards, I get mad at myself for letting that happen. There are other days that I skip breakfast or wait so long to eat a meal that I am absolutely starving and get extremely frustrated. So in 2012, I will be better at keeping a routine because in the end when I do that, I feel better physically and mentally.

Fitness: Isn't this one on everyone's list for the new year? And doesn't everyone forget about this by about early March? Probably, but I have been saying for a long time that its actually time to get serious about this. We're going on a trip to Europe in May and I'd really like to not be dead at the end of every day because I'm so out of shape. I also finally figured out some health issues with my body and have learned that I am gluten intolerant. I am now gluten free (this is my 4th week!) and have already lost some weight by doing that. Even though I have lost less than ten pounds, my body feels like I have lost 30+ pounds! I feel like a completely new person and really believe I can be healthy and in shape now.

Pictures: As I was designing the back of our Christmas cards, we were realizing that we couldn't think of the small and big things that happened throughout the year. I looked through my facebook pictures and there weren't a ton of pictures from the year - mostly from the wedding. We both realized we should probably be taking more pictures, so this year we are going to take one picture every day. We started a new site just for these pictures and my hope is that at the end of the year we will be able to make a bound book of all these pictures and notes from every day. Maybe it will challenge us to get out and try some new things or maybe it will make us realize we have some wonderful and beautiful things in our ever day life.

Well those are the big things, I hope we can stick to them! Happy 2012 everyone!

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