Monday, January 9, 2012

Finding Happiness in Small Things

I usually don't repin or particularly enjoy images like this on pinterest, but today I find this one particularly inspiring, and the colors of the image make me happy. This week is already turning out to be a rough one. And of course it's Monday so everyone on my facebook is posting about how horrible their day is already. I hate reading posts like that, so I decided its time to be positive instead of posting another negative thought for the day. So instead of writing about all the frustrating, stressful and annoying things going on this week, I'll post a list of all the things I am happy, thankful and excited for, even if they are small things.

- Being married to my best friend. He always makes me happy when I have a bad day or week.
- Getting my hair chopped off on Tuesday, yay!
- My second photography lesson. I learned SO much from the first lesson already!
- A family member coming to town from Minnesota and staying with us Friday night. I love having out of town guests!
- The beautiful 70 degree weather we are having.
- The progress we are making with the rebranding and reformatting of our company (the website is still under construction, so please excuse the incompleteness).
- The fact that I have a job that normally let's me work from home (this week I am going in every day).
- Being able to have a business with my sister and do what I love.
- Prayer. Lots of people I know have emotional, sad or difficult things going on in their lives right now and it's comforting knowing that I can be there and support them with prayer.
- Chai Lattes. I think I need to pick one of those up every day on my way into the office this week. :)
- The possibilities of our future (yes, I'm going to keep this one vague!)

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