Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Bucket List

I'm definitely one of those people that loves lists and has a list for literally everything. Funny thing is, most of the time I don't even finish my lists...I just start new ones. I guess that may be what I'm doing here, as I did do a 2012 goals post just two months ago. This list was started on my pinterest, but I realized I need to start blogging my pinterest lists in hopes that I'll actually start doing a few of them. I guess I can justify this new list because our plans just a few months ago has drastically changed course.

So here it goes, these are the things I would love for us to do/accomplish/achieve in this new year:

Move Into Our New Home
Our current home is going on the market this weekend (yay!), so things are moving along, but the reality is, something might happen to where we won't get our dream home that we are anxiously waiting to build. (The design appointment is this Friday, SO excited for that!) But, we're praying a lot about it and have faith that this is the way we are meant to go with things.

Take Day/Weekend Trips Around Arizona
Since we cancelled our Europe Trip (small sad face), I definitely want to try to do some more local day or weekend trips this summer and fall. I've recently become very interested in discovering the beauty of the state we live in and traveling throughout it this year. Back in 2006 I worked as a design intern for Arizona Highways and if you've ever seen it, you know how beautiful the photography is in that magazine. Ever since then, I've had a small interest in traveling around our great state, but just haven't done it. I feel like this is the year for that. :)
One place I'd love to go to is Antelope Canyon up north. It would definitely have to be more of a weekend trip, but look how absolutely gorgeous those canyons are! And since I now know how to use my fancy dslr camera (definitely still learning, but I can manage my way around in manual mode!), I can get some pretty pictures. Image Source

On the far opposite spectrum of vacations, I'd really like to take advantage of the great summer deals at the local resorts. In particular, I'd love to stay at the Montelucia and visit the spa. I have a friend who's husband treated her to a night and day at the spa there and it sounds divine! Since we'll be living with both of our parents over about a three month time period this summer (split half and half), that may be the perfect time for us to have a mini get-away. Image Source

Learn to Knit
This one maybe isn't logical (I don't have that kind of time!), but I've always wanted to learn to knit. My mom isn't a big fan of knitting, so I may have to teach myself...and I may hate it too, but I want to try. I'm thinking a scarf would be a fun first project. :) Image Source

Visit a Winery
I would say visit a local Arizona winery, but I have a friend getting married in May at a winery in Temecula. I'd love to go to the wedding, but it just might not work out with my work schedule and financially. So, hopefully we can make it to one of the wineries up in northern Arizona. Image Source

Learn to Run
Ok, how many times have I put this on my goal/bucket/need to do list?? And how long will it take me to just start doing it and learn to love it? Back in January when my aunt was here to run the PF Chang's half marathon, I was really inspired. I'm in my 20's I should be able to do that! Now I won't go as far as saying I will ever run a marathon (maybe a 5k would be more my pace?), but I want to get in shape this year and get my body healthy (No plans for a baby yet, but I want my body to be in tip top shape for when that does happen and I hear it helps with labor...seriously, anything to help with that would be great). After dumping money into a gym for years, I learned that I just will not go to a gym. It just does not happen for me! At home workouts are the best and what's better than running? It's free and is the best way to get yourself in shape! Ok, I need to get moving now... Image Source

Host Dinner Parties
A small group of friends starting getting together about once a month for game night and its been really fun to have those little get togethers. Once we get into our new house I am definitely wanting to host a few dinner parties...with big groups and small groups. I love cooking, hosting parties and making events special, so I need to take the time to do that every once in a while. One thing we need to get better at is inviting our family over...so we're going to make a conscious effort to extend the invites out to our parents and siblings for more gatherings. Image Source

Be a Better Blogger
I think this one is on my list every year too. But, now that I have a nice camera and know how to take some ok pictures, I need to do that more often and blog about our everyday lives (beyond our picture a day challenge). For some reason I get really timid and shy to take pictures in public. Does anyone else get that way? I feel like people are judging me because I have a big professional camera and they think I'm trying to be something I'm not. I seriously just need to get over that.

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