Friday, February 17, 2012

The Past Month

Or this post could also be titled "I've slacked on blogging." I can't believe its been over a month and a half since I last posted over here, oops. We have been keeping up pretty well with our picture a day blog though, I think that is quite an accomplishment (only missed two days so far)! So, I figure I'll do one post about all the things that have happened over the past month...there's actually been a lot and I am really narrowing it down here.

I took a photography class for the entire month of January. I can't believe how much I learned, even in the very first class! I can now use our dslr in manual mode and I know what all the numbers mean and how to get a decent picture. I definitely need more practice (something I haven't had much time for lately), but I'm thrilled to at least know the basics. If you're looking to take a photography class, I'd highly recommend Nicole's Classes. The above picture was one I took for one of my homework assignments. It's taken in manual setting and no photoshopping was done! I'm so proud of myself. Note: the next images were taken with my iphone, so please don't judge the quality! :)

Mid-January, my aunt came into town from Minnesota to run in the PF Chang's half marathon. She stayed out our house the first night, it was so fun to have an out-of-town visitor and spend time with her! She had a great time too...getting out of the freezing January weather in Minnesota. My mom has five sisters and last August her youngest sister had moved here, so it was really fun to see half the sisters here together this past month.

Our business has been very successful so far and we are booked up for the next few months with wedding, birthday and shower invitations. It's been really fun working with so many wonderful brides and we're really looking forward to the future of our business. We started reworking our website, but we've been so busy with custom jobs, that we haven't had time to finish it or get better photography of our recent work. I'll be sure to link to posts of our recent work once its up!

The most exciting/life-changing/stressful thing that has happened in the past month is over this piece of dirt! We decided to cancel our Europe trip and build our dream house instead. I thought I would be more sad and upset about not doing our trip, but I am actually a-ok with it...guess I'm a grown up now? :) Everything seems to be just right with the timing of things with the market, our current home and the move. We're beyond excited, but everything has to keep falling into place for it to happen, so I guess you could say there's no guarantee, but things are looking pretty good.

Maybe this is a bit strange, but we do frequent drive-bys of this house in the neighborhood because its the same elevation and colors that we chose. We just had to take a picture of what our house will look like since the model is completely different. That will be my office in the front with a whopping six windows, three of which look out to the front yard over the porch. I can see myself even working on that front porch with a chai tea in hand. We absolutely can't wait to move into our new home. We plan on living there for quite a while and raising our family there, so this is huge for us!

Along with buying a new house means that we will be selling our current one, so the past week we have been very busy getting it ready to show and touching up small things here and there. Say a prayer for us that all goes smoothly with the new home and a nice happy little family falls in love with our current home.


  1. Congrats Jana! I'm beyond happy for your and Mike.

    1. Thanks Brianne! We may need you decorating advice on a few things. ;)