Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sold! ...and Paint

Unfortunately I let another month pass by without doing a single post. I have good reason though, a lot has been happening, but we just haven't been taking pictures (other than phone pics that get put on our Picture a Day blog). Also, the biggest thing on our mind has been house, house, house! And, until last week, we didn't want to publicly share too much information until things were finalized. But we can share now and the good news is that we sold our house! The offer that we ended up accepting came in after being on the market for 12 days. Thank goodness, because showing your house every day when you work from home is exhausting!

We'll be moving soon and living with each of our parents for a total of about 3.5 months (assuming all goes as planned with our new house being done on time). Hopefully we don't drive them crazy. We're extremely appreciative at the generosity of our parents for letting us live with them over the summer.

There's a lot to do in the next month to get ready for the big move (and figure out where all of our stuff will be stored), but instead of talking about that boring, dry stuff, I want to get into the fun stuff about our new house! I have been pinning ideas for the new house like crazy, so I figure I should share some of those ideas here. The first two things that will need to be addressed almost immediately are window coverings and paint. No, paint isn't a necessity at first, but for us it is. I'm not sure how we'll handle all those white, empty walls.

So in case you don't remember, here's a picture of what the front of our house will look like:
That exterior color is exactly what we wanted...a grayish taupe tan. Not blue gray, but not yellow tan, something in the middle. I also love the cream trim around the exterior. These elements are things that I'd love to translate to the inside with more taupe colors and cream/white trims, boarding and furniture. (Did I mention we have a front porch?! Can. Not. Wait.)

For the majority of the house, we plan on painting it a neutral, light and airy color. It may seem boring, but we want our house to feel cohesive, comfy and put together. For so long we have been, as my sister-in-law and I call it, in the "brown zone". Our current house has yellow tan walls, brown cabinets, brown/tan tile, brown/gold granite and brown carpet. It all goes together very well and is very nice, but we're definitely ready to get out of that color zone and move into something a bit lighter on the eyes. Plus, our neighborhood style is completely different from the rest of Arizona (will get into that later!), so its the perfect house to go with less of a desert look.
(Left Image, Right Image)
So we are thinking of a very light gray/tan. The one on the right is my favorite, but I worry it will be too washed out with our light tile (just couldn't do the dark wood...sad). We really won't know until we get into the house, but to us, these colors allow for a clean and bright palette while still making the doors and baseboards pop. We also have ideas for white shutters (maybe just in the bedroom or front rooms?), beadboarding and other "east coast" inspired looks.

More to come on ideas for the new house, I have a whole lot more to share. But for now, we must get packing!

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